Nickname: PIPPO

Filippo known as "Pippo", born in 1993, from Livorno, started surfing at the age of 4 with a bodyboard trying to use it as a surfboard. At the age of 11 he received his first board and it was “obviously” a Twinsbros!

Since that day he has never stopped surfing. He loves traveling, visiting new places, discovering new waves, and learning about local cultures. He loves all types of surfable conditions, but mostly prefers powerful and cooing waves, obviously not disdaining a good beach break to try aerial maneuvers.

Pippo is regular and with his 176 cm x 76 kg he loves boards with low volume in order to have maximum reactivity underfoot. The quiver of him is composed of:

RDX 5’6’’ x 19’’¼ x 2’’¼ - 26 L “I am particularly fond of this model! In the past I surfed for years practically only with this board. Now I use it in conditions of small and not very powerful waves to have the radicality and drive that I like"

P.O.P 5'9 x 18 7/8 × 2 3/16 - 25L ROUND tail "Currently my all around board for Italy from hip to head size wave with some power"

Corky 6'1 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 - 27.2L "I use this model in strong overhead waves to maintain good maneuverability"

Shooter 6'5'' x 18''3/4 x 2''5/16 28,8L “my weapon in case of bombs for winter days of consistent waves and with good measure or for ocean trips when I want slip into the barrels that I like"

Enjoy twin 5’2’’ x 20’’3/16 x 2’’¼ - 28,1L "the toy I keep for those days when I want to relax”