Our shapers have always been 360° watermen and have always loved experimenting with boards of all types. This led them to develop and personally test boards of different disciplines but which could still be used to glide on water and waves. In addition to surfboards, TwinsBros surfboards creates, upon request, custom kitesurf boards with shapes developed specifically for this discipline and reinforced construction according to the rider's needs.

Twins Bros Kiteboards Division

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The model developed for extreme conditions with strong winds and strong waves.
Price €560.00

Flash Quad

Very versatile model that offer great performances in a wide range of conditions from 15 to 30 knots of wind and chop...
Price €560.00

Jay Model

This model has been developed to have a strapless board to use in windy conditions between 15 and 25 knots and medium...
Price €560.00


High volume, wide outline, quad setup, straight rocker-line, bottom shape to minimize the hydrodynamic drag are the...
Price €580.00