The Twinsbros surfboards brand was born from the passion for surfing and the sea of the two Labronic brothers Renato and Paolo Bertini, aka Rena and Pelo, who in 1991 decided to build their first board in their grandparents’ garage to go surfing on the waves. In those years surfing was almost unknown in Italy and it was difficult to find surfboards. Internet didn’t exist as well as smartphones, social media etc and the surfing community was very closed and jealous of their spots and culture. The only way to make a name for yourself and gain credibility in this “tribe” was by word of mouth from the surfers themselves. It was a common opinion that the surfboards made in Italy were inferior in both materials and shapes, but in a few years, the two shapers from Livorno managed to make Twinsbros surfboards the first Italian brand of surfboards, demonstrating that it was possible to develop and produce surfboards in Italy like those of the world’s most popular and established brands. Many of the strongest national riders began to use TwinsBros boards often finding that these were better than the others on the Italian waves; a capillary sales network was created through surfshops throughout Italy which, in the early 2000s, when online sales were in their infancy and little used, were very many and often seen as a meeting place where you could exchange experiences, watch surf videos, talk about boards etc.

In 2005, the first real TwinsBros factory was created to have all the processes of the production chain brought together in a single structure. Until that moment surfboards were made using three laboratories located in different locations and there was not a real showroom where both private and shop customers could go to view, buy and collect the boards ordered.

To meet the growing demand from the Italian and European market for TwinsBros branded boards and to satisfy the requests of other Italian and foreign shapers to be able to rely on the TwinsBros Factory for the production of their boards in Italy, in 2017 the two brothers decide to expand the factory adding a new much larger structure, designed, built and structured specifically for the production of surfboards, maintaining the old structure as a warehouse for raw materials.



Building boards has always been the greatest passion for Renato and Paolo and their philosophy hasn’t changed over the years. Their first goal has always been to make every surfer happy by offering high quality boards that can be customized in every single element (shape, construction, graphics, etc.) and made entirely in Italy with particular attention to sustainability and environmental protection. "We like to listen and translate the impressions and sensations of our riders and all the surfers of all levels who use our boards all over the world into measurements"


Thanks to the know-how of our shapers, who began experimenting with shapes and creating boards in 1991, and to the precision of CNC technology, we are now able to develop and exactly replicate models for all types of waves, with the possibility to make millimetric changes on all those fundamental parameters that characterize the shape of a board and that will make it unique and perfect. Ensuring the end customer a unique product with well-defined performances is an absolute priority for us.


The performances of a surfboard, with a good shape, depend very much on the materials that are used. Boards with the same shape, built with different materials, will in fact have different performances. In our continuous research and development process, it has always been essential to use top quality materials and for this reason over the years we have established very strong partnerships with our suppliers, becoming official distributors for Italy of X-tra foam blanks, Scarfini Fins, resin and glass fiber we use.


TwinsBros Surfboards is a full service surfboard manufacturing company located in Livorno, Tuscany (ITALY).

We specialize in the construction of high quality and high performance surfboards built for every surfer, every style and every kind of wave. Our TEAM is made up of a group of experienced professionals with a keen eye for aesthetics and quality craftsmanship in all products. In addition to building Twinsbros branded surfboards we provide end-to-end fiberglass services to some of the best Italian and internationally renowned board shapers. We can build custom boards of all types for any type of water sport.

Our goal is to create high quality boards driven by passion and love for this work bringing the concept of “made in Italy” to the top as a synonym of excellence in the world. We love to experiment and always develop new shapes for waves from all over the world and we love to customize our boards also in the graphics to offer a unique and special product for each of our customers. We like to maintain a friendly/familiar atmosphere among the members of the production TEAM but at the same time we take our work very seriously and are very critical and strict in the quality control of the final product and in achieving the production objectives.


La  The Twinsbros factory is divided into 2 structures: one of 500 square meters designed and built specifically for the production of boards with particular attention to the aspects of worker safety, eco-sustainability and environmental protection, the other of about 150 square meters used as a warehouse for raw materials. Our production chain is organized like that of the best world-class factories and develops through special laboratories designed specifically for each processing phase as regards spaces, lighting and air changes to carry out the various processing phases with maximum precision and safety:


In our warehouse we stock up to 1000 blanks, resin, fibre, etc to always be ready for any order.


In this room a special CNC machine performs the preshape of the boards with millimeter precision.


Room with special lighting that allows the shaper to shape with the utmost precision and symmetry.


In this special booth set up for painting, we create unique designs and graphics for your boards.


Large room with forced ventilation and special lighting dedicated to the resin treatment of the boards, essential for obtaining an excellent finished product.


Room dedicated to sanding, polishing and final finishing of the boards. After this stage, the boards are ready to leave the factory.


The Dining Room is a room reserved for the repair of broken tables, the assembly of inserts, and final quality control.


In our showroom you will find new boards, used boards, new discounted boards, clothing, accessories to customize your board, etc...


As surfers we deeply love the sea and our planet earth trying to keep it and leave it as we found it to those who will come after us. In doing our job, we work hard to ensure that the production of our boards takes place in a responsible manner, guaranteeing maximum respect and maximum protection of the environment and the health and safety of our production TEAM. On a daily basis, we deal with fundamental aspects such as: CO2 emissions, health and safety of workers in the workplace, work sustainability, responsible management of waste and emissions into the atmosphere, etc. in compliance with the increasingly stringent regulations in force at European level without looking for easier and less expensive alternative “ways” which however would pollute and “make our planet sick”. In our path we believe that it is essential to try to be able to raise awareness and educate the end customer by giving the right information on the matter.

In our factory, all special waste generated during processing is handled responsibly both in collection and in disposal which is entrusted to specialized companies.

To reduce CO2 emissions we self-produce and optimize the electricity required for the production process. In fact, both structures have photovoltaic panel systems sized on the basis of the required electricity consumption and all the motors of the suction systems are optimized by inverter.

Every single laboratory has been designed to ensure maximum comfort and maximum safety for workers. For the protection of the environment and workers, our Factory has an aspiration system specially designed for air exchange and composed of an aspiration and filtering system for VOC organic vapors and a dust aspiration and collection system. All checked every year by the competent authorities through sampling of the outgoing flow in order to verify that the parameters required by current regulations are respected.


Over the years we have been chosen by many high fashion brands to produce particular surfboards thanks to our expertise and professionalism in producing boards with the highest quality standards.


We have always firmly believed that our work, in addition to being a productive activity, is a real art where it is possible to unleash one’s creativity by always experimenting with new techniques to obtain real works of art. Precisely for this reason we have often found ourselves in contact with artists with whom a great friendship was born and with whom we have collaborated and experimented, giving life to unique pieces of high value. Between these:

Francesco Baronti

Leonardo Nencioli in arte MANI BLU