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Video: The Factory

The TwinsBros Surfboards was born from the passion for surfing of two brothers, known as “the Twins” because of their similarity, who built their first surfboard in 1991 in Livorno (Italy).
In the subsequent years, the twins made many other experiments to understand how any single element of the shape would influence the final performances of the board.

The main ingredients that allowed to the Twinsbros surfboards to become the best italian brand, known and appreciated internationally, are: commitment, passion, development, research and the highest quality of materials used. All this always joined by TESTS carried by the riders of the family in the best worldwide surf spots.

In 2007, the ever growing demand for surfboards required the inclusion in the production process of a Shape machine specially designed to make surfboards. The TwinsBros surfboards shaping machine was the first landed in Italy. Thanks to this is possible to have accuracy and the possibility to replicate exactly all the shapes providing a truly top surfboards comparable to that offered by the most famous brands in the world.

Today, after a few thousand shaped surfboards, the TwinsBros Surfboards besides producing surfboards, sup and kite also distributes accessories for surfing.

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