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TwinsBros presents: Around North Sumatra

By January 20, 2020Twinsbros

During this winter our rider Davide Lopez left for Indonesia in search of secret spots and dream waves; with him a quiver of 4 surfboards customized specifically for him by our shapers to be able to surf at maximum in all conditions:

POOL KINK 5’5” x 18”3/4 x  2”1/8 23,3L

P.O.P 5’8” x 18”1/2 x  2”1/8 23,45L

CORKY 5’10” x 18”1/ x  2”1/4 24,65L

SHOOTER 6’3” x 18”1/2 x  2”1/4 26,94L

Our ambassador Alessandra Fumagalli accompanied him on this trip and with his careful lens captured images and footage between one surf and another, fully exploiting the potential of her newRDX 5’5”x 19”1/4 x  2”1/4 25,46L custom made.

The video that we present today was filmed by Alessandra and @indo.waves_crew

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