Technical Characteristics and Construction

The construction of a board as well as the shape, significantly influence the final performances.


On the market there are many kind of resins, blanks and fiberglass and we always choose only those that allow us to guarantee the best from our models in terms of lightness, strength, performance and aesthetics.

PU Construction

The classic construction of surfboards is the one with PU core and polyester resin.

The thing that can be optimized according to the model is the type of glassing in terms of fiberglass that will be put, the density of the foam and the stringer.


The choice for those who don’t want any compromise and seek only the maximum performance from their boards and a feather under their feet.

The choice for those who want an high performance board with good strength and light weight.

The choice for those without particular needs and looking for a board that has a good strength and durability over time to a weight that is always acceptable.

The heavier and more resistantglassing indicated for surfing big and/or barrelling waves.

Although generally the stringer is made of wood, we have also developed the variant with a PVC stringer to have a much more flexible board. This choice is recommended for small wave models to optimize performances.

DYNAMIC FLEX Construction

Using an internal EPS core with a specific formula developed from us for the construction of surfboards, EPOXY resin, special carbon patch reinforcements and no stringer, it is possible to have maximum reactivity and lightness.