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By August 28, 2018Twinsbros

In our Freaky line a Fish was missing, so the Summer Shredder was born.

We have other models can fly on the not powerfull sections of the summer swells, but with Summer Shredder the characteristics change! The distribution of the volumes moved towards the front of the board allows you to easily row and anticipate the take off. The generous outline with the point of maximum width centered and the fish tail allow to have a super planing board but at the same time very maneuverable and fun. The shape of the bottom and the edges enhance the liveliness in the rail to rail making this model pretty good also in not really small waves conditions. Maintaining all the characteristics of a small wave board, this Fish with unique planability works very well thruster and quad depending on the waves condition and the characteristics of the surfer.

Feedback from our riders who have been testing this model for months, DynamicFlex, PU, ​​quad and thruster, this board has been properly squeezed in all sizes and conditions getting the same reaction from surfers: SUPER FUN!

Choosing this board in DynamicFlex construction means adding fuel to the fire, integrating features that this shape already has in normal PU construction is what you need if you look for the performance of Carbon + Eps constructions.

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