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The balanced volume distribution helps take off. Optimum for speedy tricks, cut backs and aerials.

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Product Description

Our shapers worked in order to give a surfboards with fast accelerations able to reach maximum velocity in a few meters and more technical for fluid and clean trajectories. The wide Diamond tail guarantees excellent ability to glide, control and radical surf even in small wave conditions, the special scoop-rocker line joined to a concave to double convae bottom gives to the board fast accelerations. The balanced volume distribution helps take off. Optimum for speedy tricks, cut backs and aerials. For maximum versatility it is advisable to order with 5 fins so you can set thruster or quad fins configurations. Setting up thruster fins the T-1000 is very similar to a classic shortboard but faster and easier up to head height wave size. Setting up quad fins the T-1000 become a small wave rocket wich speed up the changes in direction.

Bottom: Single to double concave
Tail: Diamond
The standard boards are sold with fins, no design (white) and no carbon reinforcements. It’s possible to customize artwork, glassing and shape:

The FCS System is designed for surfers who like the feel and performance of traditional fixed fins.

Set to become the new world standard in system technology and performance, FCS II is designed to accommodate all surfers; regardless of their age demographic, surfing genre, or the boards and waves they’re riding.

Is an alternative fin system, strong and user-friendly.

More structure and strength to the board.


5’6”18”3/42”1/8Volume: 22.8l
5’7”19”2”1/8Volume: 23.3l
5’8”19”2”1/4Volume: 25.2l
5’10”19”1/42”3/8Volume: 28.0l
5’11”19”3/82”3/8Volume: 28.6l
6’0”19”1/22”1/2Volume: 30.7l
6’1”19”3/42”1/2Volume: 31.7l
6’2”20”2”1/2Volume: 32.5l
6’3”20”1/42”5/8Volume: 35.0l
6’4”20”1/22”5/8Volume: 36.0l


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