Blaster 2

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The new blaster 2 allows you to surf waves from 0.5m to 2m.

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Product Description

The blaster 2 model allows you to surf waves from 0.5m to 2m.

Compared to the blaster has some important differences: the shape of the bottom is now concave, the rails are little bit lower and very thinned on the tail, the point of maximum width was slightly advanced. These changes gives to the board a very different feeling compared to its predecessor.

This model is much more alive underfoot, fast and gives you more control when landing by air tricks. Vertical turns are facilitated by a rocker line more curved.

We recommend choosing this board in the Dynamic Flex Construction or PVC stringer to get the maximum performances.

Bottom: Single concave to V

Tail: Squash

Rail: medium boxy

FINS setup: Thruster

Optimal WAVES range: knee to over head size

Recomended Construction: Dynamic Flex or PVC stringer

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us



5’4”19”1/42”1/8Volume: 24.0l
5’5”19”3/82”1/4Volume: 25.2l
5’6”19”1/22”1/4Volume: 25.8l
5’7”19”5/82”5/16Volume: 27.0l
5’8”19”3/42”5/16Volume: 27.7l
5’9”19”7/82”5/16Volume: 28.2l
5’10”20”2”5/16Volume: 28.9l
5’11”20”1/82”3/8Volume: 30.2l
6’0”20”1/42”3/8Volume: 30.8l
6’2”20”1/22”3/8Volume: 32.1l


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