Twin 1970

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An authentic 100% Old Style Twin fin for retro lovers.

Retro - Twin 1970 - TwinsBros Surfboards

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Model Specs

Twin 1970 model is an authentic 100% Old Style Twin Fin. The straight rocker line, the wide and open swallow tail, the V bottom with a deep TUE are the main ingredients to obtain a quick boards and to have a good feeling with it. The flat deck and the big volume assure a classic style surfing. This is a “must” in a longboarder’s quiver of retro addicted surfers.

Bottom: V + deep TUE

Tail: Deep fish

Rail: medium

FINS setup: 2

Optimal WAVES range: knee to over head size

Recomended Construction: Standard + resin tint

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us


5’6”20”3/42”5/8Volume: 36.8l
5’8”21”2”5/8Volume: 38.4l
5’10”21”1/42”3/4Volume: 41.9l
6’0”21”1/22”3/4Volume: 44.1l
6’2”21”3/42”7/8Volume: 45.8l