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This model inspired mini simmons is very short and with width and thickness of a typical long.

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Model Specs

The Squat model is inspired by the mini simmons. It is very short but with width and thickness of a typical long. High volume for easy paddling and to anticipate the take off. The bottom is concave in the center, and become biconcave V on the tail. The fins are very backward and the rails on the tail very sthin. These features make this model fast, very manoeuvrable, gliding and can offer a lot of fun to everyone.

You should choose the model 8″ – 10″ shorter than your height. To get more speed choose the QUAD setup. If you’re a retro lover, put your keel fins in the rear plugs and anjoy it as you want!. Available from 4’6″ to 5’8″.

Bottom: concave – double concave

Tail: Fat Squash

Rail: medium

FINS setup: Quad / Twin keel

Optimal WAVES range: knee to over head size

Recomended Construction: Standard + resin tint

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us


4’10”22”2”3/4Volume: 36.0l
5’0”22”1/42”3/4Volume: 38.2l
5’2”22”1/22”7/8Volume: 41.1l
5’4”22”3/42”7/8Volume: 43.5l
5’6”23”3”Volume: 46.7l


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