Enjoy Twin

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Enjoy twin is the new twinfin developed for the RETRO jewels line. Excellent glide, speed and fluidity in all wave conditions are the strengths of this model. This model can’t miss in your quiver!

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Model Specs

Enjoy twin is the new twinfin developed for the RETRO jewels line and can not miss in the quiver of every surfer for its maximum versatility!

The fundamental characteristics of this model are exceptional planability, excellent speed and a unique fluidity in all wave conditions.

The traditional 1970s keel outline and the high volume guarantee ease in paddling and an early take off. The deep fish tail combined with the twin Keel setup ensures a very soft and smooth ride. Getting the maximum harmony with the wave is the absolute priority for this shape.

Each wave will become a white sheet on which to draw soft and continuous lines.

No stress and enjoy your surf!

Bottom: rolled to single to V

Tail: Deep fish

Rail: medium boxy

FINS setup: Twin

Optimal WAVES range: knee to over head size

Recomended Construction: Standard + resin tint

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us


5’0″20 1/4″2 5/16″Volume: 28,19l
5’2″20 1/2″2 5/16″Volume: 29,44l
5’4″20 3/4″2 3/8″Volume: 31,58l
5’6″21″2 3/8″Volume: 32,99l
5’8″21 1/2″2 3/8″Volume: 34,78l
5’10”21 3/4″2 7/16″Volume: 37,16l
6’0″22″2 1/2″Volume: 39,54l
6’2″22 1/4″2 9/16″Volume: 42,20l
6’4″22 1/2″2 9/16″Volume: 43,85l