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Excellent weapon on small to medium waves.

Available in 50 working days
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Product Description

The wide tail and the large volume give you an excellent weapon on small to medium waves with all the caracteristics of the HP-1 and HP-2 models. Generally you can get 2”, 3” shorter than your normal shortboard.

Bottom: single to double concave – v tail
Tail: round, fish, squash

The standard boards are sold with fins, no design (white) and no carbon reinforcements. It’s possible to customize artwork, glassing and shape:

The FCS System is designed for surfers who like the feel and performance of traditional fixed fins.

Set to become the new world standard in system technology and performance, FCS II is designed to accommodate all surfers; regardless of their age demographic, surfing genre, or the boards and waves they’re riding.

Is an alternative fin system, strong and user-friendly.

More structure and strength to the board.


5’8”18”3/42”3/16Volume: 24.7l
5’10”18”7/82”1/4Volume: 26.3l
5’11”18”7/82”1/4Volume: 26.7l
6’0”19”2”5/16Volume: 28.0l
6’1”19”1/82”3/8Volume: 29.3l
6’2”19”1/42”7/16Volume: 30.7l
6’3”19”3/82”1/2Volume: 31.9l
6’4”19”1/22”1/2Volume: 32.6l
6’6”19”3/42”3/4Volume: 37.2l


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