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A real old-style single-fin gun for big waves.

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Product Description

A real old-style single-fin gun for big waves. The good volume guarantees extreme ease take off allowing to stand up on the board far in advance. The pin tail and the curved rocker line offer stability, the single fin configuration with sharp rails assure great grip on waves from overhead size.
The standard boards are sold with fins, no design (white) and no carbon reinforcements. It’s possible to customize artwork, glassing and shape.

Bottom: V
Tail: Pin


6’10”20″1/22″3/4Volume: 41,1l
7’0″20″3/42″3/4Volume: 42,6l
7’2″21″2″3/4Volume: 44,1l
7’6″21″1/42″3/4Volume: 46,7l
7’8″21″1/22″3/4Volume: 48,3l
8’0″21″3/42″3/4Volume: 51l


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