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POP grom is a model designed for young surfers looking for a radical board for small to medium wave conditions. </ p>

Speed Grom - Giulio Caruso

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POP grom is a model designed for young surfers looking for a radical table for small to medium wave conditions.

The exit rocker has a curvature optimized to ensure fast accelerations and tight turns. The outline presents an advanced wide point to reach and maintain good speeds even in flat sections. The volume distribution and the medium boxy rails allows you to set precise turns allowing good level surfers to transmit the maximum power to the board raising tons of water on the lip. The concave bottom ensures excellent glide on small or flat waves.

The tail can be chosen squash for those who like to feel good pressure under the back foot while turning or carving, or round for those who like a more fluid feeling.

To get the best performance from this model we recommend choosing it in the Ultra light PRO construction in medium wave conditions and Dynamic flex for small wave.

Bottom: Single concave to V

Tail: Squash/round

Rails: medium boxy

Model Specs

Speed ​​grom is a model designed for young surfers looking for a radical board for small wave conditions.

The medium exit rocker guarantees fast accelerations, the outline has an advanced wide point which allows to reach good speeds. The volume distribution with medium boxy rails ensures stability in turns allowing to good riders to transmit maximum power to the board by raising fans of water. The concave bottom and the squash tail guarantee an excellent feeling and excellent planability on small or weak waves.

We recommend choosing this board in the Dynamic Flex Construction to get the maximum performances.

Bottom: Single concave to V

Tail: Squash

Rail: medium boxy

FINS setup: Thruster

Optimal WAVES range: 1 m – 2.5 m

Recomended Construction: Ultra light PRO – Dynamic Flex

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us


5’0”17”1”13/16Volume: 16.80lSurfer Weight: 48kg – 43kg
5’2”17” 1/41”13/16Volume: 17.70lSurfer Weight: 50kg – 46kg
5’4”17”1/21”7/8Volume: 18.83lSurfer Weight: 54kg – 49kg
5’6”17”3/41”15/16Volume: 20.56lSurfer Weight: 58kg – 52kg
5’8”18”2”Volume: 22.06lSurfer Weight: 62kg – 56kg


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