Freaky Adams

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The FREAKY ADAMS is an all around board which works well in all conditions and especially under small wave conditions.

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Product Description

The FREAKY ADAMS is an all around board which in sizes greater than 6’0 ’’ has been developed for novice surfers who want to switch from a school board to a fluid and versatile one to improve and have fun.

The centered outline with a fairly wide nose allows one to anticipate the take off and have good control while surfing. The round-pin tail combined with a V under the back foot allow you to have a board very soft, lively and at the same time controllable.

Beginner / intermediate surfers would choose this board 5 – 9 inches more than their height.


5’6”20”2”5/16Volume: 30.6l
5’8”20”1/42”3/8Volume: 33.0l
5’10”20”3/42”7/16Volume: 35.4l
5’11”21”2”7/16Volume: 36.7l
6’0”21”1/42”1/2Volume: 38.5l
6’2”21”3/42”9/16Volume: 41.1l
6’4”22”2”5/8Volume: 44.0l


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