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Is an ideal board for 0.5m up to a 1,5m waves well-formed.

TwinsBros presents: TANK from TwinsBros Surfboards on Vimeo.

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Product Description

” TANK ” is an ideal board for 0.5m up to a 1,5m waves well-formed. Fast take off and responsive both on flat waves that steep . The combo fins setup allow you to use the Tank thruster or quad ensuring maximum versatility and adaptability to different kind of waves.
The bottom shape is single concave to V with a central channel in the tail area for optimum speed and grip in any condition. The outline presents an accentuated winger on the tail allowing to pivot with the rear foot so as to maneuver in the right way.
Designed for those who always looks for fun.

Carena: Single to double concave to V + Channel

Poppa: Squash + winger

Bordi: medium

Configurazione pinne: Combo

Misura di onda ottimale: 0.5 m – 1.5 m

Costruzione disponibile: PU Tech/Dynamic Flex/PVC stringer

For detailed technical information visit our technical features and construction page

*The standard board is sold with no fins and no artwork (white).

It’s possible to customize artwork and shape based to specific rider request contact us


5’0”20”2”3/16Volume: 24.0l
5’2”20”2”1/4Volume: 25.5l
5’4”20”1/42”5/16Volume: 27.2l
5’6”20”1/22”5/16Volume: 28.8l
5’8”20”3/42”3/8Volume: 30.1l
5’10”21”2”3/8Volume: 31.4l
6’0”21”1/42”7/16Volume: 34l
6’2”21”1/22”7/16Volume: 35.4l
6’4”21”3/42”1/2Volume: 37.6l


Black Swan model from TwinsBros Surfboards on Vimeo.


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