Super Freaky

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This model has a very large tail which allows you to glide very well even in almost non-existent waves.

TwinsBros Surfboards presents: Superfreaky from TwinsBros Surfboards on Vimeo.

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Product Description

Superfreaky is a very special and captivating model to shred even on very small waves.

A very wide tail to glide even on an almost non-existent wave and a shape, with a slight bump at the front lateral fins, to obtain a very maneuverable and much more radical board than the big brother Freaky House with performance very close to those of the small wave models. The cutted outline on the nose makes this board great for air tricks and stable on switch landings. It works very well on waves up to 2m.

Choose this board with a length of 6-8 inches less than your height and with a volume of 1-3 liters more than the normal shortboard used.

Bottom: Single to double concave to V

Tail: bump-squash

Rails: medium

Fin Setup: combo

Optimal WAVES range:  0.3 m – 2.0 m


5’4”20”1/42”1/4Volume: 27.2l
5’6”20”3/42”5/16Volume: 29.5l
5’8”21”1/42”3/8Volume: 32.0l
5’10”21”3/42”1/2Volume: 35.5l
6’0”22”1/42”5/8Volume: 39.3l
6’2”22”3/42”3/4Volume: 43.2l


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