Summer Shredder

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Summer Shredder is the first model with fish tail of our Freaky line, conceived and developed to turn the days of small and not very powerful wave into pure fun.

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Summer Shredder is a Fish conceived and developed to turn the days of small and not very powerful waves into pure fun. 

The volume distribution moved ahead allows you to paddle very easily and to anticipate the take off. The shape has been optimized to have a very gliding board, very responsive, maneuverable and fun assuring a fantastic rail to rail making this model very effective even in not really small wave conditions. Use it thruster for clean lines, quad for accelerations and speed.

Expert surfers can choose this model 5’’ – 6’’ less than their height, 1-2 liters more than the normal shortboard used. Intermediate surfers can still have fun with this model by choosing it more than 5’10 ” for stability, good buoyancy and ease in takeoff and surfing.

Bottom: Single to double concave to V

Tail: Fish

Rails: Medium

Fin Setup: Combo

Optimal WAVES range:  0.3 m – 2.0 m


5’0″20″3/82″5/16Volume: 25,95l
5’2″20″1/22″5/16Volume: 26,98l
5’4″20″5/82″5/16Volume: 28,55l
5’6″20″3/42″3/8Volume: 30,11l
5’8″21″2″3/8Volume: 31,39l
5’10″21″1/42″7/16Volume: 33,74l
6’0″22″1/22″9/16Volume: 35,04l
6’2″22″2″1/2Volume: 37,55l
6’4″22″1/22″9/16Volume: 40,55l


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