Freaky House

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This model launched the category FREAKY has been developed for all the surfers who are looking for a table to extremely small wave conditions but at the same time want a fun and freaky board….

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Product Description

Model developed for all the surfers who are looking for a fun and “freaky” board for extremely small or almost non-existent wave conditions.

The shape was developed to be able to surf this board either in radical set back on the tail or in a more classic way in the central position. The board is very lively, responsive but at the same time controllable and stable. The take off is very easy thanks to a very wide nose. The fins setup is combo for maximum versatility: quad for greater speed, thruster for greater maneuverability.

For expert surfers it is recommended to choose this board 6 – 8 inches less than your height and 4 – 5 liters more voluminous than the normal shortboard used.

Bottom: Concave to double concave to V

Tail: Round squash

Rails: Medium

Fin Setup: Combo

Optimal WAVES range:  0.3 m – 1.5 m


5’0″20″1/22″5/16Volume: 27.1l
5’2″20″3/42″5/16Volume: 28.4l
5’4”21”2”5/16Volume: 30.6l
5’6”21”1/42”3/8Volume: 32.4l
5’7”21”1/22”3/8Volume: 33.5l
5’8”21”3/42”7/16Volume: 35.4l
5’9”22”2”7/16Volume: 36.2l
5’10”22”1/42”1/2Volume: 37.9l
6’0”22”1/22”5/8Volume: 41.7l
6’2”22”3/42”5/8Volume: 42.9l


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