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We proudly present our Sardinian promoter Luca Sanna

We proudly present one of our Sardinian promoters: Luca Sanna. This short interview will help you to let him know better. A special thanks to Alessandro Brazzai who made all the photos of this article.

Hi Luca! it is a pleasure to make you some questions to better know you… When and how did you start surfing?

“Hello guys, nice to speak with you! I remember my first approach to surfing back to 2002 when I was 12… I was on a beach in northern Sardinia with my mother and my sister when I saw a guy with a longboard under his arm. From that day my only thought was: “I HAVE TO TRY THAT SPORT!”. The next week I bought an used surfboard for only 80 € and as soon as I saw the favorable forecasts, I went to the nearest beach where I found 30 cm waves where to slip. I managed to stand up for 2 seconds and those 2 seconds …. became 12 years!”

Luca Sanna - Cutback

How did you know the TwinsBros surfboards and what do you think of your collaboration with this brand?

I met the TwinsBros surfboards during the Under 18 Italian championships in 2006 and I was immediately attracted by them. I was very intrigued about what that boards might have been in the water and I thought, “Italian surfboards? Well why not try them!” I could not to try them until 2016 when I began my collaboration with the brand which in the meantime had become the first italian brand for making surfboards. I knew that the boards were good and I had already in my mind the idea of how I wanted it (I always customize all based on my weight characteristics and preferences.) I spoke with the shapers and ultimately decided the model and the measurements of my first prototype … I never thought it would go so well … my RDX 5’9 flies!!!”

Luca Sanna - Air

What do you think of the Sardinian surf scene?

I can proudly say that the Sardinian surfing  scene has grown a lot over the last 3 years and, in the wake of already established names of the island, some young talents are springing and we will heard about them in the future. There are parents who are beginning to push the passions for surfing of their children by making them travel in order to improve their surf even on ocean waves.

Although I would say to those who can not to travel and do a thousand surf coaching: “guys don’t give up because even in ITALY you can improve and become good surfer! do not be discouraged and go straight on your way! Results will come!” Sardinia recently hosted the first “GROM PRO SELECTION” (sponsored by TwinsBros and Mediterranean Surf Culture) in the Bugerru beach that has seen the best rising groms of Italian surf scene to compete during three days of race simulation and training.

Luca Sanna - Waiting the wave

Did you make surf competitions? 

“I make surf competitions both National and Regional since I was 14 years old. I participated in the Italian championship of surfing from 2006 until 2013 and now I focused myself on regional races because i do not have the opportunity to travel frequently.”

Luca Sanna - Backside Snap

What do you do besides surfing?

“Besides surfing i work and study dealing with techniques of communication through new media and business management: creation of logos for companies and brands, implementation of dedicated advertising for each sector of commerce and software development for the web.

Luca Sanna - Bottom turn

What is your dream?

“What is my dream? I would become a good surfer, not a pro for sure ahahah. Nothing adolescent fantasies but simply try to become good enough to be among “those who have pushed just enough to make a difference in their place”. I hope to get there someday and say, “I gave what I could give and I am satisfied!”.”

Well Luca Thank you very much for giving us the chance to know you better and good luck for all!

Thanks a lot for the talk guys, Always a pleasure!”


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