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By January 31, 2019Twinsbros

The new Bean model is finally available online on our website! Bean was developed by our shapers to add a classic noserider singlefin Longboard to the Retro Jewels range. Let’s see in detail, what are the basic ingredients that make this model very versatile, easy to handle and fun.

Easy take off both on small flat waves and on fast waves thanks to the good volume and the particular rocker-line.

The round tail guarantees good maneuverability and fluidity, enhancing the singlefin configuration to the maximum. The rolled V in the back, will ensure an exceptional feeling in the changes of direction.

In order to guarantee a stable noseriding, the nose is concave and the outline has a good width and is quite straight at the front.

We thank for the photos Luigi Lelli and Giulia Di Giovanni who won at Recco the Quiksilver Longboard Classic (first stage of the Italian Lonborad Championship).

*Giulia Di Giovanni in action – Photo: Sandro Barbieri

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